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Devils Tower Country’s brand ambassador, Peggy Garman

As a fourth-generation Devils Tower Country raised cowgirl, my life has revolved around agriculture and the Western lifestyle.

My great-grandfather settled in the shadows of Devils Tower, near Hulett, Wyoming, in the early 1900s and established a successful ranching operation running Hereford cattle. Our family has a deep history in Crook County, and I’m proud of those roots that have been my foundation. Growing up, I learned to appreciate the rural lifestyle. As I got older, I realized how special the place I call home is, but like many, I was eager to explore all that the world had to offer. Now as I’ve traveled much of the U.S., I’ve found that there is no place else in the world like Devils Tower Country. I love that I call this unique part of the world my home.

Old Stoney Building

The Crook County Museum has a new home in the historic "Old Stoney" building in downtown Sundance, Wyoming.

Old Stoney as the building is affectionately called is an appropriate location for the historical museum as it has its own chapter in the history of Sundance. Erected in 1923, the building represents the Progressive era when Wyoming committed to several initiatives to improve the quality of education within the state.

Sundance White Ranch Park Outdoor Space

Sundance's new White Ranch Park is a place for people to discover, learn and explore.

Hikers, bikers, walkers and those with an appreciation for great scenery and the outdoors will welcome news of Sundance’s White Ranch Park. The 100-acre outdoor attraction is taking shape at the base of Sundance Mountain on ranch land donated by the late George and Betty White.

RANCH A: National Historic Site

A TASTY TROUT MEAL marked the beginning of what is today Ranch A, located five miles south of Beulah, Wyoming.

The 645-acre property that is owned by the State of Wyoming includes an iconic log lodge, historic structures, walking paths, a blue-ribbon fishery and rental facilities. Ranch A is a popular destination for weddings, family reunions and meetings.

Devils Tower Country History

History & Museums In Devils Tower Country

Small town hospitality, ample amenities, rich history and nature’s best await you in Devil Tower Country!

Wyoming’s territorial legislature, in an effort to grow the state, created Crook County in 1875. Their act, however, only created the county on paper and it was another 10 years before Crook County truly became a legal entity.

Blacktail ATV Trails Adventures in Crook County

One of the most fun ways to get off the beaten path and into the back country is by ATV, ORV or dirt bike.

Crook County has lots of great places to explore including the popular Blacktail ATV Trails. Before venturing out you will want to familiarize yourself with Wyoming's ORV rules and regulations. Wyoming off-road vehicle laws and rules have been developed to promote safety and protection for users, property, and the environment. A good place to start is by downloading ORV rules from here: