Snowmobile the Bear Lodge Mountains

Winter in Crook County means snowmobile season!

If you've been dreaming of fresh powder, gleaming snow and the purr of a snowmobile motor this is the season and this is the place.

Crook County has fresh abundant natural snow and prime snowmobiling spots for you to explore. If you are new to snowmobiling this area you might want to enlist the help of a local guide or outfitter.

One of the BEST Places to snowmobile in Wyoming is the Bear Lodge Mountains

The Bear Lodge Mountains includes over 66 miles of groomed trail located just north of Sundance, Wyoming. You can find nearby lodging and dining in both Sundance and Hulett. The Bearlodge Mountain Resort often offers special rates for snowmobilers and their cabins style lodging with kitchenette is a great option.

The snow depth ranges from 1 to 4 feet and the snow conditions are wonderful! You will experience high elevations ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 feet. The typical season ranges from December through March in this area with February generally boasting the best conditions. Temperatures range from +40° F to -20° F. Be prepared with appropriate winter clothing.

Download a Snowmobile Trail Map

Parking and Amenities

You can park your vehicle at the Reuter Parking area just north of Sundance to load and unload. There are restrooms near the parking area and additional restrooms at various locations on the loops. There is also a safety shelter.

One of the best parts of the Bear Lodge Mountains is the peacefulness of the place! You won't have to compete with others for the best snowmobile spots and the white-tail, mule deer and elk are abundant.

Wyoming Snowmobile Permits

Remember that if you plan on snowmobiling in Wyoming you need a snowmobile permit. They are affordable at only $35 per year and your permit must be displayed prominently on each snowmobile. There are permits for Wyoming residents and non residents so make sure to pick the permit option that fits your circumstance. You may also want to consider a $2 donation to Wyoming Search and Rescue to support their efforts. Here's how to get one.

1) Order by phone or online. These permits take 7-10 business days to get so plan ahead. Call 877-996-7275 to order by phone or online here:

2) Visit a local vendor for over-the-counter permits. Some places to obtain them in Crook County include the Rapid Stop Conoco and Sundance Travel Center in Sundance.

For more information visit:

Trail Etiquette & Respect for Wildlife

Slow down, or pull off the trail when encountering skiers, snow-shoers, dog sleds or other trail users. We all enjoy experiencing the great outdoors so please be a respectful trail user. Winter ranges provide wildlife a place to feed and conserve energy because of less snow cover. You can help them survive by obeying winter range closures and restrictions. Observe wildlife from a distance and please do not attempt to follow them. The closer you get, the more stress the animal feels.