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Sundance White Ranch Park Outdoor Space

Sundance's new White Ranch Park is celebrates its opening day on Memorial Day weekend of 2021 marking the beginning of its first ever season.

Hikers, bikers, walkers and those with an appreciation for great scenery and the outdoors will welcome news of Sundance’s White Ranch Park. The 100-acre outdoor attraction is taking shape at the base of Sundance Mountain on ranch land donated by the late George and Betty White.

Native American tribes once camped in this same area, performing their sacred Sun Dance, the ritual cleansing of one’s spirit. While different tribes vary in their sun dance practices, the ceremonies typically involve singing, dancing, drumming, fasting and, in some cases, even experiencing visions. The ceremonies last anywhere from three to eight days. Watch closely and you may catch a glimpse of the land’s historic chapters.

Flora & Fauna

Wildlife, ranging in size from songbirds to soaring eagles and deer, can frequently be spotted within the Park’s boundaries. A wide array of native plants can also be seen. During the summer season watch for Wyoming’s iconic Indian paintbrush and the beautiful echinacea. The broader Black Hills, sometimes described as where the East meets the West, is home to an amazingly broad array of plant species.

This family friendly & dog friendly park is an ideal place to hike, mountain bike, picnic and explore.

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