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Sundance Winter Festival

Always the Saturday of Presidents Day Weekend

Grab a friend and join the Ski-Joring fun as a cowboy on a galloping horse or the skier being pulled down Sundance's Main Street through an obstacle course complete with snow jumps. Make a costume and be creative with a barstool and an old pair of skis and you can enter the wild and wooly Downhill Barstool Races.

Load up the family as the 6th Annual Sundance Winter Festival has something for everyone! There will be sledding for the kids, food vendors and live entertainment at the pubs.

Sundance! Let the name spark your imagination of days long ago when rowdy cowboys whooped it up on Saturday nights or perhaps you envision serene Native American villages camped at the base of the Sundance Mountain where they performed their sacred Sun Dance ceremonies. This historic town welcomes the visitor to come and explore the rich history and soak in the vibrant vistas where the beauty of the rugged west comes alive. Sundance meets the traveler's needs whether it be restaurants and bars, hotels and lodging, retail shopping or just a tank of gas. The friendly merchants are ready to serve your every need.

Check out the 6th Annual Sundance Winter Festival (and be sure to Like us on Facebook! event details on our website or the Sundance Area Chamber of Commerce website at For more information please call Reggie Gayloard (307) 290-0002 or the Sundance Chamber (307) 283-1000.